Jewellery Valuations

Satisfy your curiosity and ensure that your piece has accurate insurance cover – call us on 01582 833800 to enquire about booking an appointment at the next event.

Our valuer Gaynor Haylett-Mustafa (F.I.R.V.96916, DGA, P.J. (Gem.) Dip., B.A. (hons.) Jewellery Design, F.N.A.J., Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers, Member of UK Gemmological Association, and Society of Jewellery Historians, CPAA Pearl Specialist) visits us regularly to value watches, jewellery and silverware items for the discounted rate of £65.00 per piece.

Gaynor has worked in the trade for 30 years, in varying capacities, most notably as Senior Manager for Tiffany & Co with distinctions in Gemology and diamond grading.

Each customer will receive:

  • A detailed description of each item including a digital image
  • Proof of ownership
  • Free registration to the secure e-register database (ensuring that items are properly protected in the event of loss or theft)

The typical way for a valuer to charge is by percentage – in this event the customer is often unaware of the total likely charge (potentially a very large sum if the item is deemed to be of high value) until the valuation has been finalised. Also, if disputed at court, then a perceived bias may be implied. Our fee-based system negate both these undesirable events.

On items up to £10,000.00, the valuation fee is £65.00 per item – for any item above £10,000.00 this fee increases to £144.00 per item.

All valuations are carried out on our premises (ie with no possibility of loss in transit). Valuations are produced using the GuildPro valuation software with full item detail and images. A limited view of the valuation is also uploaded to the secure eRegister database for added safety – no client information is uploaded. The eRegister information can be viewed by insurers, with client permission. The Police also have access to the database, enabling the return of items to the original owners in the case of recovery after loss or theft.

Gaynor can also offer advice on repairs, which we can carry out on our premises.

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