Jewellery Care

To maintain the shine of your metal, and prevent tarnishing, polish regularly with a silver/gold cleaning cloth and store your jewellery in the original box when not being worn.

Store it carefully to avoid scratching and damage to the chain. Satin finish / matt finished jewellery can be visibly affected by normal wear and tear – this natural transition should be expected (and can be reapplied – talk to us about the method).

We don’t advise wearing your jewellery in the bath, bed or when exercising, especially swimming. This can cause unreasonable stress and wear and tear to your jewellery.

Snake chains have an unusual semi-rigid form that can make them susceptible to kinking. Store carefully by hanging or coiling to preserve the original shape.

Avoid contact with perfume.

We would recommend you add your jewellery last when dressing.

In the interests of hygiene, pierced earrings cannot be exchanged.

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