St. Albans 365 – a photographic project

We heard about the St Albans 365 project via Twitter and were immediately interested.  “A photographic project for the people of St Albans: photograph St Albans every day for the whole of 2014”.  Wheathampstead is a village and civil parish in the City and District of St Albans and we’re always keen to highlight its beauty. 

The girls took lots of photos each day during the week 9 – 15 June.  They captured the glorious sunshine, nature, Father’s Day celebrations, and parts of the Wheathampstead Heritage Trail.  (The Crinkle-Crankle Walls in photograph 4 are Grade II listed.  They are “rare serpentine walls located east and west of the Old Rectory.  The curving line gives strength, allowing them to stand high without buttresses and to expand without cracking in the sun.  The curves trapped the sun’s warmth, encouraging the growth of fruit in the alcoves.”)


We’ve just made our selection and submitted them to the website

See which we chose, and why not get involved!


Alium in St Albans FathersDaycake  Cow antler  Crinkle Crankle walls Dandelion Mill Walk mill buildingsCowslip sunshineCake break Poppies Feather Wheathampstead High Street Workshop



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