National Tree Week

National Tree Week is a Tree Council initiative which runs 23 November – 1 December 2013.

“First mounted in 1975, National Tree Week is the UK’s largest tree celebration annually launching the start of the winter tree planting season.”

A lot of my inspiration has stemmed from walks through woodlands and forests. Now when I walk my labradoodle puppy through them I cant tell which of us enjoys them more!  I feel very lucky to live and work close to a number of beautiful wooded landscapes – Gustard Wood common is just north of here, Nomansland Common just south-west of Wheathampstead, and Heartwood Forest is located toward Sandridge.

Heartwood is a new woodland being created with help from community volunteers.  It consists of  858 acres so is a big challenge for The Woodland Trust who are aiming to make it the largest new continuous native forest in England.

Their website explains that “incredibly, it takes just 12 years to turn bare land into flourishing native woodland, complete with a diverse range of wildlife and towering trees.  The site contains four small remnants (44 acres) of precious ancient woodland, our equivalent of the rainforest, which now sadly makes up only two per cent of UK landcover.”  Should you wish to help, volunteer, or hear about events to support Heartwood take a look here.  Help plant trees on Sunday 15th December, or Saturday 15th March.  Details below!


Leaf silver napkin rings

 Fircone Catkin Acorn Cedarsilver acorn spoon Spike silver drop





Heartwood planting flyer

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