Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in BedPearl and Swarovski Bead Cuff – Dazzling, stunning, simply beautiful. Approximately 40mm wide.

Iota bracelet – One tiny iota, so very delicate for the wrist. 18ct Gold.  Approximate size of iota 7mm.

Daisy Chain – This nostalgic piece conjures up childhood memories of gathering daisies on summer meadows. Magically attracting the eye as it beautifully garlands the neck. Silver and Gold.  Approximate size of daisy 15mm.

Pod satin pendant – The perfect shape that contains calmness as well as sparkle. Earrings and pendants, hammered or smooth. 18ct yellow gold pendant with 10 Diamonds weight 0.20ct. Approximate length 17mm.  

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