On the bench… transforming a family heirloom

On the bench today… transforming a family heirloom into contemporary pieces

Our client came to us with a traditional claw set sapphire and diamond ring with a request to use both the gold and stones in contemporary pieces (the ring had belonged to her grandmother and had sentimental value). During the consultation, our client favoured the idea of making three rings,  with each stone set in a contemporary rub over setting. This way the rings could be worn separately or stacked to maximum effect.

We were able to successfully re-use the gold band in this commisision, melting it down and creating a new, round wire band (this is a tricky process but can be used to great effect).

The three stones in their original claw setting (R), plus the newly formed band and setting (L)



The new band has been made and the sapphire’s setting is ready to be attached

The three bands are ready for setting




The final three gold rings: ready for hallmarking

All polished and ready for collection – the final stack of gold rings look beautiful together!!






























































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