On the bench… a commission to re-use sentimental gold

On the bench today… we showcase how you can re-use a sentimental item of jewellery

A customer came to us with the hopes of re-designing two inherited engagement rings, looking for a ‘statement’ piece that would re-use the existing gold and diamonds from their sentimental pieces.

Taking inspiration from our popular Husk ring (its simple design is practical yet versatile, with the option of a being set with any of a range of stones) we sketched out some ideas and began work…

Numerous processes later (including melting the original rings down, adding some additional new metal, forming a solid shank and doming the setting) and we arrived at a ring ready to accept the pavé set diamonds.

Our workshop has witnessed numerous transformations of sentimental and inherited jewellery for customers over the years – it’s a lovely way to give your jewellery a new sense of purpose for either yourself or loved ones. Please visit our link for Bespoke Jewellery design on more information on how we can work with you to produce the ultimate bespoke gift.

Existing rings

Existing rings


Melted gold formed into ingots


Doming the setting

Ready for stone setting

Ready for stone setting


The finished item






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